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State of America

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Posted 09 November 2017 - 11:10 AM


I'm thinking there is nothing really unique about this show on CNNI. 

The format, the content and debates have now become standard across all shows! AC360 - Panels discussing Trump. Don Lemon - Panels discussing Trump. New Day - Panels discussing Trump. Wolf? Yup - Panels discussing Trump.

It would appear that everything on CNN in the US is now "What has Trump done lately?". And these shows are then simulcast on CNNI.


Oh CNN.... It's been a year. You elected him. Get over it!

  When I see the program , I ask  why is it still on the air?   Also I wonder why is Wolf aired Internationally if it's not doing anything but US politics  it drives me crazy being in the US, wonder how annoying it must be for the International audience.  And State of America is pretty much a CNN US show they happen to air on I instead. 


It is extremely annoying. CNNi has managed to replace so many former international news slots with US-only programs that I only catch the odd 15 minutes of news somewhere by chance because on weekdays when I'm home and have time to watch telly there are no international news on. I might catch 15 minutes of news here or there if I'm lucky, but mostly I avoid switching to CNNi because all I get is stuff like Wolf and SoA (or one of the ever-present Africa shows) that I just can't make myself watch.

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