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Yesterday, 07:40 PM

I'm care about the the big sexist blow hard being gone, but the replacement information -- that's what I don't care about.  

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Yesterday, 07:38 PM

Just the right amount of coverage of the Paris shooting yesterday. They kept coming back to it but included other news.

If this had happened in the US, it would probably have been round the clock coverage for two days.


At the beginning of the hour, they would start with a few minutes of domestic and then switch over to International.  They did this at least twice.  Wondered if it was a glitch or they couldn't make up their minds which show to show or whether the international folks weren't quite ready.  Of course, it could just be due to their fuzzy thinking.  

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Yesterday, 07:31 PM

Is it really the end this time? Cyril Vanier tweeted this:


"As fate would have it, was on set for @JonathanMannCNN s last show. Thx for being an inspiration"

He's on air now.  

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20 April 2017 - 06:55 PM

Bill  O' Reilly is out at FNC    and will be replaced by  Tucker Carlson , they are moving the FIVE to 9 and the Five's Eric Boling moves to 5pmet hosting is own show. and Martha MacCallum  is staying at 7PMET. 


Who cares?

In Topic: Jonathan Mann

19 April 2017 - 12:17 AM

, I'm happy he's still on.